My name is Dr. Carolyn D. Mack. There are many a ‘Carolyn Mack’ out there, so the “D.” means a lot to me.

I am a D.B.A. in Social Impact Management. But that is not what I am here to represent. I am a Mom on a mission to give my incredibly gifted kids great college experiences using their talents as a leveraging tool to help pay for their education. And that may sound transactional, but my intentions are pure. The same thing relates to how we trade our skills for money in our jobs and businesses, so don’t judge me. Post-secondary education is expensive, and if your children have the skills that can get them scholarships, then that is great.

My passion is guiding people in their natural habitat.  What that means is allowing young people to experience the life that they are living right now and simultaneously providing teachable moments that challenges and perhaps changes the trajectory of their thinking without alienating them.  I have been working with children and young people since I was in my early twenties. I started working with pre-teen and teenagers with a church that I attended and found that I just had a way of relating to them that was somehow “different”. They trusted me with their deepest secrets and insecurities and really took my words of wisdom to heart. My life experiences, from jobs to church to volunteer opportunities, always lead me back to young people and guiding their lives in some small way. I am the champion of the “Win-Win”. I believe everyone can experience some sort of win…and sometimes they come in the most unsuspecting forms.

Now I am championing my own children in their pursuits. My children have talents that have people looking at them with great enthusiasm. I am taking a new journey with them trying to make sure that my children are fully present and represented in conversations regarding taking their skills and talents to the next level. I want to be able to leverage their skill sets so that they become the biggest beneficiaries of their own gifts and talents.

My desire is to inspire and motivate parents to an active engagement regarding their children’s post-secondary pursuits no matter what it is and by whatever means it comes. This blog will bring authentic, parent oriented, motivational tools and tips to give your children an opportunity for a great post-secondary experience. There is always a way to win.

My brand is #DNAonPoint.  I started using this as a way of making note of my belief that my children’s abilities are primarily about their innate abilities and not necessarily about external forces that may want to take credit for a person’s success.   It was my way of stating that each person’s DNA combination makes them unique and undeniably special.

Using #DNAonPoint also serves as a mantra to parents that they have played and continue to play an important role in the development of their children.  As parents we have supplied the DNA and now we have to continue to develop it.  It is all about what is in them and making certain that the best of what is in them is always personified.

As I began to use #DNAonPoint, it began to catch on!  Anytime a person wanted to give a kudo to a person, they began to use #DNAonPoint.  It has become a way of celebrating a person for doing something positive and notable.  So whenever I post words of wisdom on any of my social media–my twitter page @carolyndmack, my Facebook page Carolyn D. Mack, or my instagram @team_mack_mom I use the #DNAonPoint.

Don’t ever lose hope. It works


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